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Catherine Homecare Services

Catherine Homecare aims to provide dignified home care services with well-trained and friendly staff to ensure quality in-home care that every person needs.

Daytime and Evening Care

Daytime and Evening Care

Our care staffs are available on a flexible basis, we tailor each individual's care package around how much care and support they need.

This might be a handful of hours a week to help with some domestic chores or shopping trips for example. Or it might mean regular visits each day where the focus may be more on personal care.

Whatever your own circumstances we will create what is right for you. This will be carefully monitored and adapted over time if needs be.

Examples of the daily help we can offer include:

✔  Help with basic domestic chores

✔  Help with basic personal care (washing, toileting, etc)

✔  Helping access local leisure and social activities

✔  Help with shopping excursions

✔  Support with cooking meals

✔  Medication support

✔  Providing companionship

✔  And much, much more.

Overnight Care

Overnight Care

For more vulnerable individuals who would benefit from the presence of a carer throughout the night, we can help. Overnight Care gives you peace of mind should you need help during the night. This can be especially comforting for those with physical disabilities who may struggle to get to the bathroom or for those with dementia who may feel isolated and confused.

Examples of duties overnight care include:

✔  Dressing and undressing

✔  Helping you in and out of bed

✔  Assisting getting you to and from the bathrooms

✔  Helping administer medicine

✔  Ensure you feel comfortable and safe throughout the night

Specialist Care

Specialist Care

For some individuals you may require a more specialist form of care that may require a more skilled and/or experienced carer to be present. This might include people in more advanced stages of dementia or those who have a particularly restrictive form of disability.

Examples of specialist care duties include:

✔  Help with physiotherapy and other forms of rehabilitation

✔  Regular administering of medicine

✔  Close observation and recording of physical and mental wellbeing

✔  More advanced forms of personal care

✔  Specialist Dementia care

✔  24 Hour Live-in Care services


Let Us Help You Live Your Life Comfortably 

Our specialist team is dedicated to providing high-quality care for customers of different ages and in different situations. Let us help you live your life comfortably in your own home.

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